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About Jacob


​Jacob Stacey has worked at both the Jiffy Lubes in Sherwood Park and Beaumont for over six years. Starting in 2015 at the Jiffy Lube in Sherwood Park as a service technician, rising through the organization with hard work and dedication to the company. He achieved supervisor in 2018, assistant manager in 2019. Finally moving to the Beaumont location in 2020, first as the interim manager, then the permanent store manager.

He attended NAIT for his Bachelors of Business Administration degree, which he earned in 2019, garnering top marks and accolades from his instructors, all while working full time.

He was born and raised in Strathcona County, living there for over 27 years: Going to school at Salisbury Composite High School, developing friendships, and starting his career. He believes in making Sherwood Park and all of Alberta more affordable for future generations, so that the children and grandchildren of those that have built its communities can continue to make Alberta the great place that it is.

Jacob has always had a belief in strong family connections. His parents and brother have lived in Strathcona County for over 30 years. He and his significant other, Jamila, are planning their long-term future together, making a life in Alberta.

Jacob chose to put his name forward as the candidate for the Alberta Liberal Party (ALP) in the Sherwood Park constituency association because he believes that the Alberta government needs to do so much more not only to stabilize peoples lives in these uncertain times, but establish a framework for future prosperity. He has seen skyrocketing prices in everything from housing and rent to utilities, fuel and groceries. This makes it harder to live, start a family, build a business or retire. That is a future he is not willing to tolerate. He seeks to bolster our institutions of education and healthcare, and fulfill the promise of the Alberta Advantage. He, like all of you, has seen his future stolen by mismanagement and a failure to act. That has damaged the Alberta economy and has put so many people at risk.

He believes that rising costs and the unclear economic future is a top priority in the minds of all Albertans. Finding innovative and straightforward solutions to reducing everyday costs for Albertans such as investigating unnecessary and redundant costs that have been put on Albertan consumers with little to no support. Investing in our ability to produce gasoline in Alberta so that it can be more locally sourced, lowering the cost and creating many permanent jobs for Albertans is one of those solutions. Finding creative ways to lower farming equipment costs so that our agricultural sector can thrive and our small family farms can have the chance to prosper in Alberta as they once did.

Jacob trusts in the Albertan spirit to continue to honour its traditions in the oil & gas industry. By striving to be the top energy supplier in Canada, developing more oil and natural gas refinement in this province, thereby providing thousands of permanent, good paying jobs. He believes in investing in such projects to ensure that it is a job made by Albertans for Albertans. He envisions an Alberta that invests in and supports all Albertan industries, small, medium, and large in service, green, oil & gas, agriculture and more.

Jacob wants to regain the prosperity that has been whittled away by indecisiveness, ineffectual leadership, and overall lack of bold ideas and forward thinking that can Move Alberta Forward and return it to its former prominence in Canada; being an energy leader, an affordable place to live, a great place to raise a family for generations to come, an agricultural producer like no other, a defender of democratic institutions and ideals, and so much more. That is why he is running to be the nominee for the Alberta Liberal candidate for Sherwood Park constituency.

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