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The Issues Facing Albertans

Moving Alberta Forward

Jobs & The Economy

Diversified. Resilient. Lucrative.

  • Develop a High Technology sector with a focus on the manufacture of Semi Conductors

    • This will provide permanent, high paying jobs for Albertans, by Albertans​

    • Temper the boom and busts that currently affect the Albertan economy​​

  • Developing more oil & gas refinement in Alberta, as it accounts for $85 billion in Alberta's GDP, it is essential to Alberta's economy and culture

  • Invest and support all Alberta based small business

Industrial Area
Stock Market Down

Costs of Living

Fighting Inflation

  • Insurance

    • Reintroduce price increase caps on all forms of insurance to regain stability of current out of control increases to premiums for consumers​

    • Investigate predatory and essentially punitive insurance cost increases, both for individuals and small business

  • Investigate electricity costs and reduce or remove unnecessary administrative, maintenance, and distribution fees

  • Develop made in Alberta for oil & gas to lower gasoline and heating costs 'ground to pump' plan

  • Reduce the car tax! $20 flat fee for personal car registration

Government Spending

Flatten the Curve

  • The development of the Government Expenditure Assessment Reduction initiative or G.E.A.R.

    • Analyzes current government spending and reduces redundant, wasteful costs that will streamline government processes to be much more efficient by flattening the governments organizational structure​

    • This will enhance governmental effectiveness and decisiveness to complete tasks with much less red tape to better serve the public as a whole

  • Streamline the tax and collection system to make it more user friendly for everyone​

  • Remove the useless and costly energy war room, and redistribute those resources

Old Building

Health Care

Caring for All Albertans

  • Garner input from doctors, nurses, EMT, all stakeholders to improve and provide the best care for patients, workers and the community as a whole

  • Develop medical institutions in satellite cites in conjunction with universities in Edmonton and Calgary to provide local medical training and care for rural communities

  • Incentivize current offshore Canadian medical professionals to return to Alberta and work in rural communities

  • Develop under-utilized office space in towers in both Edmonton and Calgary to relieve stress on hospital rooms over capacities for recuperation purposes


Building our Future

  • Remove most of the newly developed curriculum that is heavily politicized and had very little to no input from actual stakeholders

  • Garner input from all major stakeholders; teachers, parents, and students to develop and adjust a cohesive curriculum that benefits all

  • Provide actual life skills for students post high school such as: financial literacy, tax understanding, writing cover letters and resumes, etc.



Perfectly Balanced

  • The federal carbon tax imposed on Alberta has not worked and hasn't helped Albertans. I want to bring that money back to Albertans, not going to Ottawa

  • Support and invest in climate initiatives and green businesses that are Alberta-based and benefit Albertans as a whole

  • Protect our natural beauty in the Canadian Rockies from unnecessary project development and maintain our tourism industry 

Women's Rights

Fair World

  • Women's rights are human rights!

  • Remove tax on feminine hygiene products

  • Support women's right to choose, and have complete personal bodily autonomy

  • Garner input from women's organizations on how to improve overall well being

Women Voting

Government Relations

Developing Economic Opportunities

  • Take a much less antagonistic approach to relationship building with fellow provinces, indigenous communities, and the federal government

  • Develop a cooperative approach that is beneficial for Alberta commerce, project development, and long term economic output

    • This will create permanent good paying jobs and opportunities for Albertans to thrive in​​​

  • ​Support Federal Initiative​s

    • $10 day care​

    • National dental plan concept

    • National pharma care plan

    • Increase family child care benefits

    • Support immigration from other provinces plus other countries

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