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Alberta Liberal Party Candidate
Jacob Stacey

Fairness. Integrity. Hard-Working.

Moving Alberta Forward.

Democracy is the peoples foundation for good, responsible, and fair capitalism. Welcome to the official site of Jacob Stacey candidate for Sherwood Park, your source of information including upcoming events, information on the issues, history and background, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding Jacob Stacey's efforts to Move Alberta Forward and bring bold new ideas and forward thinking solutions to uncertain times.

News Articles

Generational Change is Coming

April 11th, 2023

Moving Alberta Forward

The world is a changin. The global economic model is changing as globalization is ending and the need to develop a localized national economic system has risen. Due to the dissolution of global supply chains and rapidly changing demographics is going to bring sweeping changes across the globe. We as Albertans need to be vigilant as this economic shift starts to unfold and to adapt accordingly to ensure our long term economic health.

Global supply chains and trade has come under threat, as the delicate system has now shown its fragility due to the destructive conflict in Ukraine, tensions rising in Southeast Asia between China, Taiwan, and Japan, and finally as the United States regresses inwards both economically and politically leaving the rest of the world on their own. Changing demographics as the largest labour force in human history, the Baby Boomer generation is completely entering retirement and out of the workforce, the smaller generations of the older Gen X'ers and younger Millennials are left to fill the massive labour gap going forward, and as the population numbers continue to shift rapidly so will the way our economies function and the geopolitical climate throughout not only the globe but in our local communities. All these factors influence our changing world significantly; the way we conduct business, the way we approach labour, the way we interact other nations through trade, diplomacy, conflict, run our economy going forward, and we need to be forward thinking and ensure our long term economic security and economic self-reliance.

I believe all the other parties are thinking much too narrowly, much too short term, and fighting over culture war issues while we are at a massive turning point for our province and our nation as a whole. I believe that we as Albertans have the spirit and ingenuity to develop much needed new sectors in our economy, just to start is a high technology sector with the development of a semiconductor fabrication plant which is desperately needed for our economic security and economic self-reliance. We need to start thinking differently about how our economy functions in this brave new world we are entering.

Jacob Stacey


Peter Zeihan, (2022) The End of the World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization.

Generational Therory_edited.jpg

Changing your Party Name Does Not Help

March 27th, 2023

Moving Alberta Forward

Why changing your party name will not help?


Saskatchewan Liberals are changing their name while some Alberta former Liberals left to form a new party.

This is not wise!


First, an established party has history whether good or bad in the eye of the electorate. They know the party and more importantly its established values. You know the party faults and past transgressions. But, you also know some the good things it did as well.  So in times of political chaos and turbulence you know all parties well. If you change your party name who are you to the electorate? It takes years to build your party and its values.

Secondly, politics and people are fluid meaning some people shift their votes for a variety of reasons. This is more true in time of political turbulence and chaos. Alberta and Saskatchewan present as polarized meaning two parties looking for power and control. Watch now as over a short period of time say three elections how the right shifts and the left shift to the inevitable extremes views of their party. What does the voter do under this turbulence – stay home, or change their vote to one of the two extremes or look for a well-known party more in line with the average Albertan/Saskatchewan voter values. Such common values might be Canada wide cooperation on issues like health care, education, interprovincial trade and wanting to focus more on a new emerging manufacturing economy: example being high technology such as a semiconductor fabrication plant for Alberta.

In summary changing your party name does not take away from the issues at hand or of yesterday it does take away from who you are. It is better to look for the electorate to see your well established party transformation to the new realities of a changing world: add your examples to things like world trade and manufacturing, economic security of home grown supply chains, a made in CANADA energy price, insurance/housing affordability, and value added agriculture research and development.

In my opinion changing your name creates unwanted doubt in the minds of the electorate.

Dr. Jon P Friel


Sherwood Park Liberals 


-Bock, S & Shandel, L; (2016). New issues can become flash points so current party allegiances can change quickly.

-General Social Study of political affiliation, 1972, 2016 and 2020.  

Working Together

Geothermal Now or Never

January 20th, 2023

Moving Alberta Forward

I believe that the development of geothermal energy could be a major asset for so many Albertans that already have access to it and for those that could have it with improved infrastructure. Geothermal is a great resource already for so many as Alberta sits on the geothermal Pacific Rim along with BC, Yukon, and Sk. Geothermal is cleaner, cheaper and renewable energy that can be tapped into throughout parts of Alberta, and with the right infrastructure can be delivered throughout the province for Albertans.


Bill 36 (The Geothermal Resource Development Act) is already established, beginning the discussion about the development of geothermal energy, I believe that now is the time to take the next step. Geothermal energy will not only create good high paying jobs from construction, operations, logistics, providing opportunities for so many oil patch workers, engineers, and maintenance of plant infrastructure itself, plus all the downstream economic opportunities as well.


The utilization of geothermal energy will also reduce costs for heating & power for so many Albertans during a time of continuously rising costs. I will always be in support of economic opportunities that will create good high paying jobs and lower overall costs for Albertans and make life a little bit easier on everyones wallet. The renewable resource is also a great opportunity to reduce pollution and help fight against climate change while still reaffirming our position as a leader in ethical energy production in North America.

I believe is establishing and ensuring Alberta's economic self-reliance and economic security, that is one of my goals as the representative of the Sherwood Park Alberta Liberal constituency, and I believe that the development of geothermal energy as an inexpensive and highly effective energy source is simply a 'win-win' situation for Alberta. Geothermal is vital to Alberta's future, we are entering a changing world and we need to prepare for it the best we can, I believe that this is another step in right direction if we act now, and that's I want for us in Alberta.

It's now or never.

Check out the Alberta Liberal Policy for more details.

Jacob Stacey


Introduction of New Permanent Leader

December 13th, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

I'd like to formally recognize and introduce John Roggeveen, our new permanent leader of the Alberta Liberal Party, who is going to lead us into the upcoming 2023 election, bringing a fresh new voice to our party and providing bold ideas for Albertans. John is an accomplished lawyer and cares about making his community a better place.


Some of the bold ideas that he will presenting and advocating for the betterment of Alberta are as follows:

-The development and manufacturing of semi-conductors here in Alberta, by Albertans, for Albertans. Establishing economic security and economic self-reliance

-Streamlining government processes and analyzing inefficiencies throughout government services

-Refurbishing our public healthcare system

And so much more...

Check out the Alberta Liberal website for more details

Jacob Stacey



Acclamation News Paper Article & Podcast Interview

December 5th, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

Check out my news article in the Sherwood Park News by Travis Dosser about being acclaimed as the Alberta Liberal Party candidate for the Sherwood Park constituency. On how I'm focusing on the connection between democracy and the profit margins of small business, and the generational change happening in Alberta.

Also check out my podcast interview on Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown to discuss how I and the Alberta Liberal Party is working hard to Move Alberta Forward and share some of the bold ideas we have.

Jacob Stacey

Graduate of Sherwood Park Salisbury Composite High School


Desk with Laptop

Fighting for Seniors

October 29, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

By 2030 23% of Albertans will be over 65 (Stats Canada). 715,000 people over 65 live in Alberta right now. There will be a million by 2035 according to our Alberta Ministry for Seniors. The Canadian Association for Seniors (CARP) describes negative and heartfelt stories about people over 65 and their daily crisis in food, shelter, and hospital care. Seniors also need affordable and easily accessible medications, dental care, medical care and equipment, and in-home care allowing seniors to stay in the homes they worked so hard to build and maintain. The Economic Policy Institute indicates that 15% of seniors are below the poverty line and struggling to meet their basic needs; such as food, clothing, shelter, and dental care. Previous governments have done little to address this pressing issue. We cannot move Alberta forward if we leave anyone behind.

If elected, there are several things I would advocate for: First, establish a Seniors Advocate to help with their immediate needs, for example a dental program. Second, investigate repurposing of vacant business structures for affordable seniors housing. Third, retrofit adjacent available office tower space close to hospitals to care for non-emergent medical overflow issues. Four, work with unions to train and retain staff, whether nurses or daily maintenance staff.

Jacob Stacey

Proud graduate of the JR Shaw School of Business BBA program at NAIT

Calculating Budget

NO means NO part two - Protect Child Athletes

October 20, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward


Part one is simple, it makes sense for ‘no to just mean no’, it is the bedrock for the proper development of Canadian society. ‘No, you cannot do that’ is the basis for any and all Criminal Code/Insurance matters.


Children cannot protect themselves against the all powerful coach(s) (News, Child Abuse in European Sports, 29/Nov/2019). The problem is local sports clubs are left on their own to protect young athletes from coaches/trainers/managers and abuse (2019, Feb; Straskin/Ward, CBC). The sport leader according to Straskin et al in child abuse is hockey but most other minor sports are represented.


Protecting your child up to 18 (Straskin et el, 2019) suggests:


  • Duel emails between coach and child and parent.

  • Ensure the club has a standalone abuse policy?

  • Know the screening process for coaches and staff?

  • Know social media policy?

  • Know who is enforcing the coach’s rules?

  • Know the team policy for reporting abuse?

  • Is there a list of coaches who have been suspended or banned?

  • Do they have the ‘rule of two’- more than one adult present with a child at all times?

  • One parent liaison for the coach.

  • One parent liaison for the players.


Kids help line 1-800-668-6868

Kids chat line

Jacob Stacey


Ice Hockey Team

Rising Insurance Costs and Complete Failure of Government Oversight

October 7, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

Insurance premiums have skyrocketed in recent years, for personal home and auto and for small business alike, ever since the current UCP government removed the 5% cap on insurance premium increases. They have allowed insurance companies to rake in record profits, while average Albertans wallets get even tighter with all the other rising costs (utilities, food, housing, etc.). According to Stats Canada, Alberta has the 3rd highest insurance premiums in the country. Furthermore, premiums are up from an annual average of $1,004 in 2015 to an annual average of $1,316 in 2020, that’s a 31% increase in just a few short years! And that number has only continued to rise, pushing more and more Albertans to the brink. What can we do? Who can we turn to? The insurance companies have been given full reign with no oversight to determine insurance prices, and this UCP government has stated that they are going to do nothing about it. Does that sound like putting money back in Albertans pockets? Is that really in the common interest of Alberta? I don’t think so, and that is one of many reasons why I’m running to be the Alberta Liberal candidate in Sherwood Park.

Jacob Stacey

Graduate of Sherwood Park Salisbury Composite High School


Stressed Woman

Agriculture and Rising Food Insecurity

September 27, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

Agriculture and food insecurity are major concerns for many Albertans. Our farmers keep getting squeezed from both sides of the market: Upfront cost such as machinery and equipment, and merchandisers gatekeeping access to the market for farmer’s yields.


The cost of machinery and equipment continues to climb as combines and trucks have increased by 10% and 16% respectively from July 2021 to July 2022. These cost increases among others have made it that much harder for farmers to succeed to the point that some have to take second jobs just to stay afloat.

Farmers are also being taken advantage of from merchandisers, where they are forced to sell at reduced prices, since grocers hold considerable power in the market. Grocers make obscene profits via mark up, while food costs go through the roof for average Albertans, increasing by 9-10% across the board in 2022. This has caused the rise in food insecurity all across Alberta. In 2014 the University of Alberta said in a related 8.2021 article that 11% of average Albertans had food insecurity. Today, it is 20%, or more than 1 in 10 average Albertans suffer from food insecurity (Stats Canada 2022). A worrying trend for the average Albertan and their already tightening wallets due to all other increased costs. Putting food on the table is a basic human need, should the hardworking people of Alberta really be struggling to put food on the table for their families? Should farmers have to take second jobs in order to make a decent living? Shouldn’t working a farm and providing food for your community be enough for you and your family? I think so, and I believe that is a goal we should strive for.

Jacob Stacey

Graduate of Sherwood Park Salisbury Composite High School



First Interview and Announcement in Local Paper

September 1, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

Check out my news article in the Sherwood Park News by Travis Dosser about seeking the nomination to be the candidate in Sherwood Park for the Alberta Liberals and my plans to Move Alberta Forward in the common interest for average Albertans.

Jacob Stacey

Graduate of Sherwood Park Salisbury Composite High School


Reading the Paper

Government Expenditures & Healthcare Failures

August 31, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

$228,000 is a lot of money to the average Albertan, let alone as a bonus. A bonus, which pushed the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s pay to over half a million dollars in 2021.

If elected, this kind of grossly negligent spending of taxpayer dollars will be investigated under my proposed G.E.A.R. (Government Expenditure Assessment Reduction) program. It will analyze and reduce current government spending such as salaries, redundant processes, and wasteful costs. Utilizing that information, spending will then be streamlined to make government far more efficient and flatten the government’s organizational structure to reduce unnecessary bloat.


In my opinion, it seems the current governments continuous adversarial approach towards the healthcare industry, its doctors, its nurses, and its callous disregard for patient’s wellbeing is abhorrent.

The biggest issue with this unnecessary expenditure isn’t what the individual did with the money, but that it was spent at all, and in my opinion the Finance Minister doesn’t seem to know where the money came from, who approved it, or anything else going on in the department. Isn’t that his job? It is simply a failure of public service.


Jacob Stacey

Graduate of Sherwood Park Salisbury Composite High School


Nurse fell asleep

Bill 32

August 15, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

Bill 32, the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act, does not move Alberta forward. This Act has been in practice since 1/11/ 2020. Only about 10% of Alberta is unionized. The obvious question to the average Albertan is why do we need this Act in Alberta? It is petty and seems to look at the lowest paid employees in my opinion. One simple example is overtime. You go into work, only to discover that your employer is able to change your shift to suit the needs of the company without warning or consultation. It forces you to rebuild your schedule around your employer’s whims, without any regard to your work/life balance. It seems that the Act is adversarial by design, employer against employee. This will not move Alberta forward. If anything it will create labour strife.

You might want to reference articles from Jason Foster 15/7/2020 and David Doorey 8/7/2020 to get a full sense of why this Act is so damaging and unnecessary for Albertans. The UCP developed this act to Americanize Alberta’s labour laws and the NDP have allowed and continue to allow the undermining of key charters of the Rights and Freedoms for not only union members but a majority of Albertans.

If elected this time I will push for the union members to meet with the business owners without government interference beyond sitting in my office to fix what doesn’t work in this bill. If I need to run twice, so be it.

Are you an employer that has utilized this legislation? Are you a worker that has been affected by this legislation? I want to hear from you.

Jacob Stacey

Graduate of Sherwood Park Salisbury Composite High School.


Man Signing

Moving Alberta Forward

August 4, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

The Elitist politicians in the Legislature have failed Albertans, whether they be former Wildrose, United Conservatives, or New Democrats. They squabble about health mandates and public institutions, all while rising costs squeeze regular Albertans. They boast about Alberta’s riches, but provincial debt has ballooned to $130 billion. That is $29,000 per person, and there is no current comprehensive plan for that debt to be reduced. It calls into question whether Alberta is the right place to start or expand a business, and even if this is the right province to put down roots.

Oil and Gas is the same answer that they keep giving Albertans. Their answer fails to deliver, as oil and gas go up, things go up and when oil and gas go down, the economy suffers – Boom and Bust. Oil and Gas accounted for $85 billion in Alberta’s GDP. It is essential to the Albertan economy and its culture. Alberta needs to develop new industries, which garner new revenue streams to temper the Boom and Bust. None of the other parties have conceived of a solution. I propose that Alberta develop a High Technology sector with a focus on the manufacture of Semi Conductors.

Semi conductors are in everything from your fridge and car to the big rigs in the oil patch. Fostering this vital industry in Alberta will reduce our reliance on foreign markets such as: China, USA, Taiwan, Malta and India. Ask a trucker and they will tell you that the shortage of trucks is really a shortage in semi conductors. This can be a strong, lucrative industry in its own right, and compliment our Oil and Gas industry. We can stop having to rely on the global supply chain and make permanent, high quality jobs in Alberta, for Albertans.

That is why I have decided to seek the nomination for the Alberta Sherwood Park Constituency as an Alberta Liberal. With your help we can Move Alberta Forward.

Jacob Stacey

Graduate of Sherwood Park Salisbury Composite High School.



Seeking Nomination for Alberta Liberal Candidacy

July 13, 2022

Moving Alberta Forward

My fellow hard-working Albertans, friends & family. I am officially announcing that I'm seeking the nomination to be the candidate for the Alberta Liberal Party (ALP) for the Sherwood Park Constituency Association because I believe that the Alberta government needs to do so much more in stabilizing peoples livelihoods in these uncertain times with bold ideas and forward thinking solutions.



Thank you for visiting and your inquiry in Jacob Stacey and the Alberta Liberal Party. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information on the side.

Thanks for submitting!

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